There are three primary forms of religion on Aastra.

The first consists of the generic grouping called Old Powers. These are ancient spirits left over from the dawn of time, which left the great wars of law and chaos, good and evil, and came to inhabit the stone and streams of ancient Aastra. These powers, while technically neutral, can manifest in terrible, alien ways. The druids who follow these forces vary wildly in nature, but all posses a bond with one specific force. Often this manifests as a place, or natural object. Followers of one entity, say the North Stone, may conflict greatly with worshipers of another Power, such as the Waves of Irya. Or, groups of like minded spirits may work together to protect a larger realm from desecration, such as the Order of the Grove does in West Bellon.

Druids typically fill the role of healer, spiritual advisors and sometimes leaders in rural villages, and the priests of the more powerful forces may also be found in any major metropolis. It is taught that servants of the Old Powers are reborn as unique creatures which enforce the will of their spiritual masters.

The other main form of religion are the worshipers of the Outer Gods. Around 1,000 years ago, Aastra was opened from long isolation to the other planes and worlds of the multiverse. Many gods of Faerun and Oerth took the opportunity to spread their own faith to this world. However, connection remains more difficult than on other worlds, and so several groups of the gods banded together as they felt fit in order to maintain divine connection to Aastra. Clerics of these faiths now wander the realms, spreading the good, or bad, words of their respectives faiths.

The third source of spirituality consists of recognition of the planar races, such as Celestials, Devils and Demons. For unknown reasons, Aastra has always been open to contact from these realms, though the Outer Gods were long shrouded from contact. Why remains a mystery, but regardless, cults of Angels and Infernals have long influenced affairs on Aastra.

Other forms of faith do exist, but for all current intents and purposes, these form the triumvirate.


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