The most common races are the three races of the old folk; Humans, Elves and Dwarves, also called gnomes.

Unknown to most, the three main races were once a single people. In ages past, a great force moved into the lands between the Undar Mountains and the Ashen Coasts. They traveled from the far west, and according to myth, fled from a terrible foe.

As they spread across the realms, they found ancient powers in the rock and river of the deep wilds. These old powers appealed to some, and over the years, the powers of nature passed into many of these ancient men. Their forms and minds twisted to the unspoken whims of tree and stone, and they became the races known collectively as elves, the savage folk. Elves range 5’5 to 6’0 on average, and often posses thin, muscular bodies which mimic the trees that some still worship. Their features are sharp and sometimes gnarled, and their eyes glow in the shadows.

The Dwarvish peoples were a nomadic tribe of small stature who, thousands of years ago, trailed great herds of wooly beasts upon the Northern Steppe of the Great Fold. It is said that one of the cruel, ancient empires of the day enslaved the Dwarves, or Ungians as they were then known, and put them to task as slave soldiers. When the empire weakened, as empires always do, the Ungians turned upon and overthrew their masters. They then found themselves as the dominant force in a realm terrorized by their own military conquests. Many were killed by those whom blamed the Ungians for their overlord’s victories, but others escaped into the South, where they are said to have mixed with an ancient folk of unknown origin. Others, in desparation, migrated deep underground, and were not heard from again. The first group became the modern dwarves, also called gnomes. They are a shorter folk, rarely more than 5’3, with a wide range of body and personality types. Dwarves often tend to be light to dark brown skinned, though pale Dwarves do exist.

Humans are believed to most resemble the original migrants, though humans themselves vary greatly in appearance, so it is difficult to make much of this observation. Humans typically range 5’2-6’2 on average.

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