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Wyvern Without You....

The evening opened with our intrepid adventurers stopped at the Red Worg Board and Bed, on the main Northern trade route.

Lysander was mingling with a group of Akhadian soldiers who were protecting a caravan, while Martris reviewed the caravan’s inventory and order. Lysander heard what sounded like a scuffle of some sort outside, and went to investigate. After foiling what appeared to be a robbery, he went back inside and met Martris, who offered him a job with the Akhadian guard.

As the two talked, a young man named Colin entered the tavern with news of a wyvern attack on his village. He asked Martris for assistance, since Akhadians are famous hunters of the draconic beasts of the wild. Martris and Lysander decided to look into the matter with the commander of the caravan.

Commander T’Var felt that sidetracking the caravan would be a waste of resources, and would offer no service beyond material supplies should Martris decide to investigate the incident. Martris decided to follow the advice of T’Var to best serve his honor, however, Lysander felt otherwise.

Lysander took matters into his own hands and convinced Simon, one of the guards he met in the tavern, that Commander T’Var ordered the two of them to accompany Colin to the village for recon of the situation. Along the way, they were ambushed by a trio of bandits led by the very thug Lysander wronged back at the tavern!

Fortunately, Martris was hot on their trail, attempting to foil Lysander’s trick and bring Simon back to the caravan. Right on time, the cavalry arrived and together, the three (and Colin helped!) managed to take down the thugs.

But the tensions are not over…

Martris and Lysander are now head to head, with Lysander trecking on to Panner’s Hill, the mining village in the wilderness and home of Colin , and Martris returning to camp with Simon in tow.

What next? Will Martris change his mind and decide to track down the troubled town? Or will Lysander abandon his quest and head home to Wolfsport with news of his encounter with the rival guildmember?

Find out next time!

(Maybe the week after this?)

Entry One

Test – 1.2.3…

Hello all! This is a quick notice of intent. This site is intended to be both a log of our player’s adventures and a compendium of lore regarding the World of Aastra, a planet in the same multiverse as Greyhawk, Abeir Toril, Earth, the Planes and doubtless more.

In any event, this is my first attempt at a wiki, so bear with me. Thanks to all who are helping me with this project, and I hope that you enjoy these readings.



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