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As the Wyverns Turn.

After the battle, Martris was joined by Asan, an officer from his caravan. Together, the two plus Simon trailed Lysander and Colin to the town of Panner’s Hill. Before the group even had chance to tour the scenic shanty town, the shrill cry of the winged wolves of the North shook rent the air.

The group fought hard, and managed to fell the beasts before any were harmed, though Simon was sorely wounded in the fight.

After a well deserved rest, the group decided that the best course of action was an after dark strike on the wyvern’s lair. Simon would remain at the town to recover, and Colin would function as guide to the cliff where the creatures were believed to sleep.

In town, we met Jeren, the unofficial leader of the town, and Master Burra, the corpulent lord of Panner’s Hill. Also present at the meeting was Jana, the wise woman, who had words to say about various things.

While Lysander investigated the locals (and met the trustworthy Rodolfo), Martris upheld his honour with the Ritual of the First Scar. The next morning, the two, along with Asan, set out for the hills.

At the lair, much blood was spilled, and the trio finally took note of their fallen foes (a taxidermist is needed). However, the sense of closure was short to last, for our adventurers were astounded to find, of all things, a door at the back of the cavern, over a hundred hands high upon a cliff!

What could it be? A treasure hold? A secret door to the underworld? A poorly located restaurant? Who knows!

Find out, probably this Thursday!



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